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There’s still some copies left. Grab one here.  -SOLD OUT-


LOCKED zine, out now.

Featuring the art of graffiti and street artists while they are locked in the system from 1996–2011.

8.5″ x 5.5″
2o+ full color pages stapled with a thick cover.
Each issue is signed and numbered by Alone One in a limited edition of 100.

Contributing Artists:
Alone One


Grab a copy at one of these locations in Boston, NYC, or Los Angeles or online at ALONEART.COM and BIGCARTEL.COM …

Or get one here by making a $10 donation. Free shipping (include your address in the Paypal comments/notes).


All of the proceeds go directly to the contributing artists’ defense lawyers and commissaries. These crazy graffiti writers lifestyles require legal funds. So support the cause and get a great collection of art at the same time. Any size donations appreciated, larger donations get larger thank yous! So (speaking for all of us) thanks in advance for your support.

Postponed …again and again.

Decided the best way to make a zine “these days” (versus “back in the days”) is to get the pages printed online, and put it together yourself. Very DIY without the higher costs of local copy centers or home computer printer ink.

After a bit of research into online printing I decided to get them printed by a certain online company that I dont even want to mention their name cause they suck (sp!*#pr!%t.com). Paid for the order and got a confirmation to get it printed a month ago. Then on the day I expected to receive the package, I get this email from them…

“your order was refunded- this is a kid safe zone printing company- no pornographic material of anykind- disclaimer on home page- thanks brett”

Motherfuckers! Seriously? WTF? No notice. VERY brief email. Couldnt even figure out their reasoning. ..Until I looked at Lost’s contribution. Okay. Slightly controversial. MAYBE. But “no pornographic material of anykind” ??.. Um.. yeah.

So… on to printer #2. Took some more time to find another printer that would do it. And of course they are more expensive, but….. they’ll do it. Also dont wanna plug them (email if u really want to know who did it). And… long story short… they fucked it up. Two weeks later and….. finaaaally! Got em. Putting everything together now and I think they look pretty good.

So yeah, available REAL soon!

-Alone One